Perkembangan IT (generasi-generasi komputer)

Generation – Generation of Computers

Computers that we encounter today is actually a development and peyempurnaan of komputer2 previous generation, the calculation is automatically performed and requested in 1812 by the English mathematician, auries Babbage. One machine is a diference created Engine, which is a computer meisn embryo is known today, the machine is used for mathematical calculations tabel2.

The first generation (1945-1959)
designed by Prof. Dr. John watcly and prospects of the ENIAC computer Ecker (Elektronic numenal’s calculator)
removed from the vacuum tube electronics devices (JUAL tube) with Segal shortcomings are physically large, but very slow in processing the data, produced by Ibni Burrugis, RCA and hengwell

The second generation (1959-1965)
Beginning with the discovery of small-sized transistors instead of vacuum tubes with much larger capacity even though physically small, this kind of computer is the IBM 1400 series, 7070, 1600, and UNIVAC horewell

Third generation (1965-1973)
With technological advances in the field of electronics, the experts have been able to mengintregasikan a transistor circuit in the form of small chips

Fourth generation (1973-1978)
The experts mengingkatkan teknologi2 number of electronic circuits that can diintregaikan preformance chip form

The fifth generation (1978-present)
Today’s faster computers evolve as the development of science and technology industry

Development of the Laptop Computer

The use of computers among households, offices and schools is called the PC (Personal Computer).

Then develop a lot of computers began to be used with a size that can be placed on a table (Desktop Computer).

This development not only leave it at that emerged was the portable computer (laptop) computer that can be taken anywhere by simply putting it in a bag.

This development is a microprocessor-based development. Many vendors are developing to create new processors that have a faster kinnerja namely IBM, Intel, Cyrix, and AMD.

This development was also accompanied by developments such as software operating systems and applications. Banya-based operating systems and multimedia networks.

With the development of a computer makes it really flourished among the people of the world, either for personal or employment. In fact, to meet growing human needs, now the computer has been developed in the direction of Mobile Computing such as handheld computers.


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